On July 11-12,we will be hosting our second annual Ending Age-Released Diseases conference.This conference focuses on the progress of aging research along with the business and investment side of rejuvenation biotechnology.

Aging research is on the cusp of some major breakthroughs in the battle against age-related diseases,and we invite you to join us for an action-packed event filled with exciting talks and discussion panels featuring some of the leaders of aging research and the biotech business.

More exciting speakers have joined the conference lineup

We are still announcing more speakers for this exciting event and think that today is a great time to update everyone about what has been happening.

We are delighted that Dr.Maria Blasco will be speaking at the conference this year.Dr.Blasco is a true pioneer in aging research,and her work with cancer and telomeres is well known.

She has been the director of the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas– CNIO) since 2011.CNIO is one of the top cancer research centers in the world and is finding new ways to prevent and treat cancer by understanding why it happens in the first place.

This organization believes that only by understanding the whys and hows of cancer can it be prevented from occurring and that,if it cannot be fully understood,we must find ways to fight back and defeat it when it manifests.

Dr.João Pedro de Magalhães from Liverpool University has also just confirmed that he is going to be speaking at the event this year.

Dr.Magalhães believes that the complexity and multi-dimensional nature of aging require that this biological problem be tackled using a combination of disciplines and approaches.He and his team have been conducting studies of the genetics,physiology,and cell biology of long-lived animals.He is perhaps best known for his genetic studies on long-lived species,such as the bowhead whale and the naked mole rat,as well as creating the superbHAGR database.

His long-term goal is to apply his research findings and ideas to build a comprehensive framework that fully explains aging.We haveinterviewedJoão about his fascinating research in the past,and we are looking forward to his talk this year.

We will also be joined by Dr.Michael Lustgarten from Tufts University.Dr.Lustgarten is no stranger to us,as he has appeared in an episode of theJournal Club,a special microbiome万搏体育娱乐城是一家在线真人娱乐的网站,manbetx2.0手机版娱乐官网充分保障玩家的权益和隐私,打开官网让你真正享受到娱乐,并且有很多的福利和一流的服务,and aninterviewwith us.

Dr.Lustgarten is a researcher at theNutrition,Exercise Physiology,and Sarcopenia Laboratory(NEPS) at the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts.His research is focused on how the gut microbiome and serum metabolome affect muscle mass and function in older people.Dr.Lustgarten is an expert on the gut microbiome,exercise,biomarkers,and nutrition.

Conference program now available

We have also published anevent programthat gives further details on the speakers,panels,breaks,and so on happening during the event.As per last year,we will be ensuring that there are plenty of refreshments and a varied and healthy selection of lunch choices during the event.

Discounted hotel rooms

The Standard,East Village Hotel,located next door to Cooper Union,is offering our conference attendees a discount on their hotel bookings.Here's how to get it:

  • Visit theStandard Hotels website
  • Click on the red button marked "Book"
  • Select The Standard,East Village Hotel and your dates
  • Insert the Corporate Code: COOPER
  • Select the room,and finalize your reservation

We'll be adding a second recommended hotel with more modest rates in a few days once negotiations with that hotel are finished,so check them.1manbetx over the next week for more details.

Buy your ticket today

If you would like to join us for what promises to be a superb event,head on over to our eventticket pageto secure your place now.


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