On July 11-12th,we return to the Cooper Union in New York City for our second annualEnding Age-Related Diseasesconference,which focuses on the progress in aging research as well as the business side of biotech.

We will be bringing you the latest aging research,investment,and business knowledge from some of the top experts in the industry.We will be packing two days full of talks and discussion panels featuring the people who are developing the technologies that could change the way we regard and treat aging forever.

We are currently offeringreduced ticket prices until March 31st,after which the price increases to the regular $400 cost.If you would like to take advantage of this special offer,head on over to our eventticket pageto secure your place now.

With just over a week left before the early bird ticket offer ends,today is a good time for an update about the conference and what has been happening.

More exciting speakers from the industry

Dr.Judith Campisi will be speaking at our conference this year.Dr.Campisi is a pioneer of senescent cell research,and her work with senolytics,which are therapies that  clear senescent cells,has been a major driver of the rising interest in aging research in the last few years.She is a founder ofUNITY Biotechnology,which is currently conducting human clinical trials for these therapies.

Dr.Campisi was one of the first senior scientists in the field to acknowledge the merit of repair-based approaches to aging,particularly SENS.We are delighted that such an influential figure in aging research will be joining us this year.

Dr.Greg Fahy will be speaking at the conference this year.He is the Chief Scientific Officer atIntervene Immune,a biotech company researching rejuvenation of the immune system,particularly the thymus.

Dr.Fahy pioneered the practical use of cryopreservation by vitrification and invented a computer system to apply this technology to organs at the American Red Cross.

Dr.Fahy is also the Editor-in-Chief ofThe Future of Aging: Pathways to Human Life Extension,a multi-authored book about the future of biogerontology.

Dr.Kristen Fortney is the CEO ofBIOAGE,a company that is developing therapies that directly target the aging processes in order to delay or prevent the ill health of old age.

Dr.Fortney has extensive experience in aging research,particularly systems biology,which has helped her to develop BIOAGE's data-driven approach,which seeks to identify and target the various pathways that drive the aging processes.

We will also be enjoying the company of Reason,who is a well-known figure in the community,owner of the research blog Fight Aging!,兼联合创始人Repair Biotechnologies.

Founded in 2018 by Reason and Bill Cherman,Repair Biotechnologies is developing therapies to reverse atherosclerosis and atrophy of the thymus.

Repair Biotechnologies is also sponsoring this conference,and we are very grateful for its support in helping to make this event a success.

More speakers to be announced soon

Our conference last year was so popular that we have increased it to two full days,and we already have a great line-up of speakers so far.We are not done yet;there will be even more exciting speakers announced soon,so stay tuned to find out who else will be joining this awesome event!


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